Effectiveness of Home Security Sensors


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Any local security company will tell you that no home security system is complete without security sensors. Some sensors are intended to protect you from disasters and protect your home from damages; others are made to protect you and your family from strangers intending to break in. Every sensor serves its purpose, and having a variety of types will help you to be protected on multiple fronts. After all, security sensors are made for that very purpose.

How Security Sensors Work

How they work may seem intuitive, but each security sensor works in a unique way. In general terms, security sensors have something on them that is made to “sense” some sort of safety or security breach. When that happens, an alarm or alert is signaled so that the homeowner can take the necessary action to remedy the problem. Some security sensors are motion sensors that will power on when they sense motion. Others are made to sense specific things such as smoke, water, heat, or carbon monoxide, and the sensation of one of these will activate the alarm. Some are sensors that can detect certain frequencies of sound such as breaking glass, and yet other types of security detectors can sense through demagnetization when a door or window is opened.

Types of Sensors

  • Home Security – This is the primary reason most people will purchase security sensors. They will guard against criminal activity or potential criminal activity that could affect your home.

    • Window and Door motion-alarms-135448943Sensors – These security sensors are magnetized and will trigger an alert or alarm when they are demagnetized. How they work involves two magnetic sensors; the one hooked to the door or window frame is magnetically connected to the other sensor, which is hooked to the actual door or window. Thus, when they separate, a signal is sent.
    • Garage Door Sensors – To protect your home’s largest entrance, the garage, a security sensor can be applied to the garage door. This will detect when the door has been opened or left open, sending you an alert to go close the door so that someone cannot access your home through the garage.
    • Motion Sensors – Motion security sensors are generally applied to security lighting or video surveillance. They will power the security device on when motion is detected, usually also sending you an alert. Thus, you will be warned that something is happening near the security device.
    • Basic Home Safety – Some sensors are made to warn you about potential disasters that could strike the home rather than intruders who may be lurking nearby.  Although these types of sensors may seem less important, they’re actually more so because in most cases, your risk of home disaster striking is higher than your risk of being robbed.
      • Water Sensors – When there’s water to be accessed from pipes near your house, you’re at a risk for flooding. It doesn’t matter how new or strong your pipes are; there’s always going to be a risk. So be prepared for it with water security sensors to detect when there’s a leak where there shouldn’t be or when flooding has started. That way you will be able to avoid costly damages to your property.
      • Carbon Monoxide Alarm 136249901Carbon Monoxide Detectors – These will sense carbon monoxide, which is undetectable by humans, warning you to vacate the premises.
      • Fire Alarms – Most homes have at least one fire alarm, and most homeowners understand their significance. To ward against a fire consuming your property, these will ring or chirp to get your attention.
      • Freeze Sensors/Heat Sensors – Your local weather conditions will influence how likely it is that you’ll need one of these. Heat sensors detect drastic changes in temperature, which can indicate a fire or other heat disaster. And freeze sensors can sense when temperatures have gotten so cold as to freeze the pipes.

How effective are security sensors? Well, the only way to really test that is to have someone or something attempt to get past them, undetected. But most of them are highly reliable these days due to developments in technology that are truly wondrous. These security devices and sensors will improve your home security, saving you and your family worry and stress so that you can go about your lives with ease.