The Home Security Camera: The Best Home Security Device or Sensor since Sliced Bread


Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331Yes, the home security camera really is the best home security device since sliced bread. Technically sliced bread has only been packaged and sold since 1928, but considering there wasn’t much in the way of real home security OR cameras for the layman at the time – let alone for home security – this is definitely a big deal. A home security camera allows you to have eyes everywhere, and seeing all means protecting your home, protecting your children, and protecting your property from vandals and intruders who would prefer to do their dirty work when there’s no one around to see it.

How a Home Security Camera System Works

Wired vs. Wireless – There are two main types of video surveillance for home security: wired and wireless. Wired connections are fully reliable and effective, and the cameras themselves are just the same as those for wireless home security systems. But they’re also more expensive to install and require finding and paying a professional technician to do the work for you (unless you’re experienced enough to set it up yourself). Wireless security camera systems, on the other hand, are easy to install because they don’t deal with messy cords and they ca1254480_84097959n be put anywhere. They’re a little less reliable due to the fact that they are connected via WiFi or other home network connections, but the difference is small.

Parts of the System: Cameras, Monitor, and Recording – One of the reasons a home security camera system is so great is because the system is very simple. All you need to make it work are the cameras themselves, a monitor, and recording capability. Cameras come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and the features are equally as varied. One home security camera might come with a PIR motion sensor while another might have a built in microphone while yet another might have pan and tilt capability. You can purchase the cameras you desire and set them up wherever you’d like, around the perimeter of your home, near the entrances, near the garage and any large windows, in your basement, in your children’s rooms…really, your home is your oyster. And if they’re wireless, it’s even easier to set up because you don’t have to hook them up. Monitors are a key feature because they’re how you see what the cameras are seeing. Set up a monitor at your home automation system control panel, or simply use your phone or laptop as your monitor. But obviously, no home security camera will really work for you if it isn’t connected to a monitor somehow. And lastly, Recording is essential for the moments when you aren’t around to catch something live. Find a system with DVR, SD, or some other sort of recording capability so that you can see what’s been going on when you’re not looking (such as when something triggered your home alarm system to activate in the night).

White contemporary house exterior 177102515Sliced bread may be pretty big in the eyes of Sara Lee or Pepperidge Farm, but it’s got nothing on a good home security camera system when it comes to protecting your home. Check out what options are available to you today.