Wired vs. Wireless Security Camera System


If you’re concerned about home security but don’t know what kind of video surveillance system you’d like to get for your home, try getting a wireless security camera system. Securety safety word cloud 481429375With the ability to view what’s going on in your home or at your home’s perimeter without you physically having to be in two places at once, you’ll feel so much more secure and protected. And when it comes to installing security system devices, choosing a wireless security camera system over a wired system is the best way to go. While wireless isn’t perfect, it is leaps and bounds ahead of wired connections in multiple ways. Take the following points about wired versus wireless connections:

Wired Security Camera System

“Wired” ensures constant connectivity; it’s true. There’s little chance of the system failing due to the connectivity problems that can happen with a wireless security camera system. Another perk is that you can have all the wiring connect to one central point, so that you don’t have multiple lines running to multiple different sources and causing confusion. But that’s sort of where the benefits of wired over wireless end. Wired means installing Cat 5 cables through your home – a difficult and expensive process requiring professional technicians, a fair amount of time, and working around all the other wiring in your home. You can always just use the power lines already in place, but that is even more limiting because you won’t have the flexibility of choosing where to connect everything. In addition, if you have an older home, trying to install a hardwired security camera system might not be possible – or at least, it might cause a lot of complications.

Wireless Security Camera System

A wireless security camera system is definitely a step above any hardwired home security system. Yes, there is the risk of network connectivity problems, which may make it difficult to rely on. But as most wireless home security systems work quite well with WiFi and other networks that you’ve already established in your home, the only risk of temporary system failure is the same small risk you deal with regularly for internet connectivity – and the fix is just as easy. Some of the few perks of choosing a wireless security camera system over a wired security camera system are:

  • Easy Installation – You don’t have to worry about hiring professionals for the expensive labor to install the wiring, nor would you have to worry about the invasive surgical procedure they’d perform on your home to get to where the wiring should go. No, instead of that, you can just pick up the cameras you desire and set them up yourself, usually with little trouble.
  • 827585_75890335Easy Placement – A wireless security camera system has the freedom of being placed anywhere within the range (which works just fine unless you have a large home, in which case you may want additional wireless connectivity sources). You can place the cameras wherever is most convenient and most effective for home security and safety, not just where the cord allows you to reach.
  • No Unplugging – If you want to move the camera, simply pick it up and move it. This also means that criminals can’t just try to unplug a security camera to stop it from detecting them. In fact, they might not even recognize that there are cameras watching them if the cameras are wireless and placed strategically.
  • Remote Access – Wireless not only allows but encourages remote access. See what has been going on at your home from a remote location. And with some systems, you can even remotely view live streaming feed to see what’s currently happening, not just DVRs of past events.

A wireless security camera system would be a highly beneficial addition to your home, making it safer and more secure. Go to your local home security company or even a local electronics store to find out which system may be right for you.